Conformity Starter Pack

A new ‘one-stop-shop’, the Starter Pack is for product suppliers to learn, achieve and demonstrate their authentic product conformity. Non-conforming and non-compliant products are a growing problem for the Australian construction industry. The multi-staged education package assists everyone in the product supply chain to meet the conformity requirements of the Australian building practitioners.

What is the NCPR Product Conformity Starter Pack?

Customised for each product type, the package is comprised of:

  • General Learning: Introduction to Australian Product Conformity (Complimentary with purchase of any other services)

From the perspective of building practitioners, finding construction products with evidence of conformity has always been a challenge. This section introduces sufficient knowledge in regards to regulatory and voluntary requirements. It helps with understanding the reasons and the methodologies in the process of acquiring product conformity.

  • Product Specific Learning: Product Conformity Requirement Table ($500+GST/ Table if individually purchased)

Based on the National Building Specification, NATA and NATSPEC co-developed conformity requirement tables will be tailored for each supplier’s selected   product group(s). NATSPEC tracks 2000 standards, regulations and codes to ensure the National Building Specification is relevant and up to date; NATA is the authority that provides assessment, accreditation and training services to laboratories and technical facilities. 

Click here to see Table Sample .

  • Demonstration:

National Construction Product Register (NCPR) ($250+GST/ Listing if individually purchased)

Upon successful completion of the conformity assessments outlined in the Table, or if a supplier already has alternative standards accepted by NATSPEC, they can participate in the NCPR listing. Benefits including:

– Since the launch, the NCPR has gained an increasing interest from regulators, NATSPEC’s government and industry stakeholders   and nation-wide subscribers   who wish to save time by accessing conformity information from the database;
– Positive association with currently listed products from the reputable suppliers;
– Reduces the chance of being substituted by another product of lower quality;
– Demonstrates the organisation’s transparency and tractability against unverifiable competitions;
– Increases the awareness and understanding of the importance of product conformity.

NCPR Product Technical Statement (NCPR PTS) (Complimentary with purchase of any other services)
In response to the Evidence of Suitability “Other forms of documentary evidence such as but not limited to a Product Technical Statement” (NCC 2019), the package includes a NCPR Product Technical Statement (PTS) template to demonstrate compliance with the NCC. By following the template, suppliers will create a consistent and comprehensive document based on the level of assurance required for the product.

An economy of scale

Suppliers can also purchase a complete set of the package @$750 +GST.