TRITHOR Termite Protection System

The manufacturer of this product can provide evidence of testing and/or conformity to the identified standard. Contact:

Ensystex Australasia
The following standard is identified in the evidence of conformity:
BCA Volum One B1.1(b)(xv); BCA Volume Two: p2.1.1(b)(xv): 2019(Amdt. 1)
National Construction Code-Building Code of Australia
Standard status - N/A
NCC standard citation - NCC Vol 1; NCC Vol 2
Evidence Number
CM40255 Rev3
Evidence Issue Date
29 September 2020
Evidence Expiry Date
29 January 2022
Type of Evidence; Notes and Limitations
CodeMark. See CodeMark Certificate for conditions and limitations. The Conformance Assessment Body is JAS-ANZ accredited for CodeMark Scheme for all BCA clauses
Authentication Status of Evidence
Authenticated by CAB
At the time of the assessment:
Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)
CertMark International Pty Ltd
Conformity Assessment Body Accreditation. Accreditation Number
JAS-ANZ. Z4450210AK
This product has evidence of conformity to the following standards:
BCA Volum One B1.1(b)(xv); BCA Volume Two: p2.1.1(b)(xv) : 2019(Amdt. 1)