The NCPR is for assistance, not assurance. The threshold at which testing or conformity is deemed to have been demonstrated must be determined through a risk assessment process which considers the likelihood and consequence of product failure. For more information on the evidence of conformity available, click on the Product Name. For more information on the authentication detail, see Conformity Assessment Bodies.

Authentication Status 

 Authenticated by CAB: The documentary evidence has been verified to be authentic by the issuing CAB.
 Authentication pending: NCPR is in the process of verifying the authenticity of the documentary evidence with the issuing CAB. Note, verification time may vary depending on the procedure of the issuing CAB.
 Sighted by NATSPEC: The evidence submitted was sighted by the NCPR but not provided to the issuing CAB due to large volume of the submission. This product type has other evidence to the same standard sampled and authenticated by the CAB.
 Authentication not successful due to laboratory closure: Sighted by NATSPEC but unable to verify with the issuing CAB due to unforeseeable circumstances.

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